Montserrat. Ferrada de les Dames

Ferrata and Dry Canyoning

Test your physical and psychological condition

The origin of via Ferrata is found in Dolomites, where these constructions were made to help warfare activities during the First World War, and of course, had little to do with enjoying the mountain.

Fortunately, today the via Ferrata have other purposes, and in recent years have become one of the most popular of all so-called extreme sports.

Nowadays, in Montserrat there's only one itinerary that we could consider via Ferrata (Ferrata de les Dames). Still, in Catalonia, there are a lot of options to choose from, be it for very beginners or the most challenging ones.

The Montserrat Mountain Guides will accompany you along these itineraries, which, thanks to their stunning beauty and features, allow you to enjoy the many thrilling sensations generated by this vertical terrain, until recently only reserved for experienced rock climbers.

On the other hand, in Montserrat we find one of the most famous and long dry canyon itinerary of Catalonia, called el Joc de l'Oca.

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