Guided activities

Hiking, geology, rock climbing and dry canyoning carried out by professionals and specialists

Montserrat is a Natural Site full of hidden surprises, a wilderness place that breathes spirituality for all its corners, and a lot of options to do all kinds of activities. Discover it!

Guies de Montserrat offers hiking and rock climbing guided activities to any persons or groups who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and outdoor activities.

The guidance is always carried out by professionals and specialists in various activities: hiking, geology, rock climbing, and dry canyoning.

Almost all the proposals can be adapted, tell us your requirements in the registration form, and we will arrange customized plans just for you.

Montserrat. Trail running
Trail running

Enjoy running on this magic mountain

Montserrat. Ferrada de les Dames
Ferrata and Dry Canyoning

Test your physical and psychological condition

Pirineus. Alpinisme

What exactly are mountains? 

Morera Albarca

Let us guide you. We're locals.

Montserrat. El Bisbe. Route GAM
Rock climbing